Make the Right Decision

With the 2012 presidential election quickly approaching, we as voters must fulfill our duties by educating ourselves about the policies and matters that each candidate would tackle. If we do as most of do, and just vote for the most popular candidate within our party, we will end up with presidents that will fail us like many have before. Which is not entirely their fault, its also the fault of the many americans that knowingly vote without entirely understanding what the candidate is all about or their personality. Lets take our current president for example, Barrack Obama. Back in 2008, Obama’s campaign motos, as we all know, were “Change” or “yes we can”. Everywhere I looked, I saw signs like these…


However, in my opinion, we as americans were all fooled. We were so overtaken by the idea of having a dark skinned president. We believed this was a change and thus made us believe in his slogan that along with this new change in presidency, he will bring change. Now its almost the end of his term, and it is time to look back at reflect. What has Barrack Obama changed in the united states. He has done very few of what he had promised to do. One of the main issues he said he would takel was jobs for americans. In his words, he said he would “put America back to work.” However, looking at the statistics, the unemployment rate in America has only declined from 9% to 8.4%. In my eyes, Obama has done very few to help our economy. He passed his health care reform, which will benefit very few of us, he killed Osama Bin Laden, and he gave bailouts to the richest of our countries. Is this the change we expected? Of course not, but we can’t blame it on him, we are the ones to blame fore being so blinding by this amazing idea of having a different kind of president. Now, instead of those signs at this campaign, this is all I see…


In my opinion, the one thing that president Obama could have had an enormous change in was our foreign policy. Seeing how president Obama is from a foreign country, I would of thought he would do more to help other struggling countries, but he must of been too busy. During his presidency there were a total of three major uprising in which Obama and his team of experts about foreign policy could have stepped in to insure these countries have a stable government following these uprisings. But he didn’t now look where that has left these countries, in turmoil and corruption due to a lack of order in the countries.

But now its time for a real change. With the new elections coming up, we can hopefully count on a new president to do all that we would have expected. But this change isn’t gonna come about by us choosing the most popular candidate, it will come by Americans making the right decisions. To do so, we as Americans must educate ourselves to insure knowing who where choosing. Let me give you a head start, take a look at this website. It will educate you about where these candidates stand on the issue of foreign affairs and policies. Hopefully, you will all extend your research and eventually choose the right person for the job. A person that will not only help us, but make us once more a prosperous country.

One Man’s Luxury, Is Another Man’s Misery

In our world today, most of our lives rely on electronics.

Lets count how many electronics a typical American uses in one day. There is a cellphone, a tv, a tv remote, a laptop or computer,  a radio, an MP3 player, batteries, a camera, a scanner, and a home phone. That brings to a total of ten electronic devices; and thats only the necessities, there are obviously much more that people use throughout their day.

Now we use these things because they ease our daily lives, but when its time to replace them, we simply throw them away because we are naive about the consequences that arise from this issue. This is now called “E-waste”. In recent scientific studies, the Environmental Protection Agency proclaimed that an average of 4.6 million tonnes of e-waste end up in landfills every year. Having a grave affect on the communities and the environment around the landfill, due to the toxic chemicals that leach into the ground and contaminate it.

So what can we do? Simply do what we learned to do with our plastics, bottle, and cans. Recycle!

Unlike all other recycling we do in the United States, recycling of electronics is dangerous and harmfull both for the workers and the environment. This is also due to the chemicals within the devices.

So what else can we do? America being the “great” country that is, along with other European countries, thought it would be best to export all this e-waste  to poorer, developing countries. Mainly to the Nigeria, Ghana, Pakistan, India, and China. The issue with this is that although there are laws we must abide by, we still export about 47% of our e-waste illegally. Causing the same harmful affects we have with recycling here in the United States, but only worse. Here when these workers with the scrap e-wast becoming intoxicated with the toxic chemicals, they have hospitals and medical treatments to help them. However, in these developing countries, most of the workers on these scrap e-waste yards, are working because they are laking money to provide for themselves or their families. Therefore, cannot provide for medical assistance when they are contaminated by these toxic chemicals. Looking at China and India alone, we can see the dangerous amounts of e-waste sent out to these countries and how it can be hazardous. 

Now this is only some of the countries that receive this modern poison that resulted from our overuse of electrons.

Now people might say well what can we do? If we cannot throw it away, recycle it, or export it, there is nothing we can do with it?

Well the number one action that most of us americans can carry out is to insure our limitations on electronics. This doesn’t mean we need to cut them out of lives, because that would be horrible. But do we really need the new iPhone that comes out every year? Resulting our disposal of phones each year. I have had the same phone for the past 3 years, yes it might be outdated, but it still works. Once I need to dispose of it, I will, like most of us should, take it to SAFE and LEGAL disposal companies that would recycle them in the correct manner, rather than just exporting it. This is the second step we must do in order to ensure not harming our environment or other’s environment.  Such as the electronicrecyclers, or you can simply find a recycler by visiting E-cycling Central.

These are steps that we can take to ensure sustainability now; however, in our futures we must take further steps. Some of us young population of American are bound to go into politics and eventually make decisions on behalf of our country. The best way to insure this problem of exporting e-waste doesn’t occur in our future is to be educated of its hazards. So do research, read other blogs, so maybe one day if your in charge of where our E-waste goes, you will make the right decision, and make sure sights like the ones below doesn’t reoccur. To further understand the issues with e-waste problem, visite this blog, it gives great detail and more information.


Think about it, if this were your home, will you be able to survive?


We Take it for Granted while they Fight for it

What is the one think none of us that grew up in the united states will never forget?

This is something that can vary amongst all of us, but for me, as well as most americans, it’s going to school everyday of out lives to the point we wanted to drop out.

Now looking back after 12 years of schooling, I realize that it was probably the most important time of my life. How ironic, that what I thought was the most useless time of my life turned out to be the most important. Unfortunately, i’m not the only one. According to statistics, about 95% of students when asked, say they do not like school. That’s a not surprising number in my opinion, education is something we as Americans take for granted! This is predictable, just by looking at the picture of our students in class rooms today like this one.

The sad thing is, like water, this is on of our inexpensive resources that we take completely for granted; just like water. Our education here in the united states is free, at least up to 12th grade. Unless of couse, you want your cild to attend a “high-end” private school!

On other ends of the world however, children are dying just for fighting for their right to be educated. Allover the world, even developed countries like Chile. Chille is not facing a major issue with this education crisis. Currently, many educators, parent, and students are taking to the streets to demonstrate their passion for freedom of education within the country. However, although these innocent citizens are only protesting to bring education to their children, they were abused and harassed by the Chilean army. The army, with water hoses, and tear gas sought to demolish the presence of the protesters. This is a violation of both human’s natural rights of peaceful assembly and education.

Who can we blame for this? Of course we may blame the Chilean army and government; however, who’s supplying them with these weapons? Our millions of dollars in financial aid of course! Meaning, our government is the underlying cause of the immoral abuse against these peaceful protesters. All who are only fighting just to improve their education from conditions like this.

And only to further expand their schooling system to educate more of the  uneducated. Just like any other countries receiving financial aid from the United States, Chile has an un-even distribution of the aid being received. However, if our us tax dollars were sent to provide better schools better than fighting protesters. This is however within our power, still not convinced of the horrible events going on in chille take a look at this photo album. When you have all realized the horrible actions our tax dollars are causing, maybe we can all look to make a change. Maybe some day, with the right education, we can send money to educate children than to kill them. Maybe our children will one day, realize that what they have, is another kid’s dream!












Our Shallow Society

We all live in a, what I like to call, a “deceived” society. Our society here in America has one main source for all the current events in the world. This source being one that only reveals what they as a mass culture care about. This has a grave effect on the way we, as a society, perceive the world we live in. It is quite sad that all our news resources only care about things about our mass pop culture, but yet don’t really care about real news outside our bubble, that we call the united states.

About two weeks ago, I posted a blog called “The Second Holocaust“. This was a blog related to the murder of christians in Egypt by the Egyptian army for practicing their natural right to protest. Ever since, every time I see a news story that is completely pointless on the web, I fall into a deeper sorrow thinking about what our society cares about. Every day I go to check my email and then see the “top news” on yahoo’s front page. Last week, there was a news post about a father and daughter dance together that the editors at the yahoo news must have thought was funny and important to put on the internet. This video was front news on yahoo, abc, and on television; I find that quite repulsive that a joking video like such is so important that it must have much money and time spent on it. If you have not seen the video, here it is.

Watching this you might thing it’s funny, but think about this. What is more important for our American news media to display as top news for Americans to see? A video and a story about a father and daughter dancing at a wedding? or the truth about issues happening in the world today?

There are plenty of authentic stories in the world today that deserve the views of Americans, but is never revealed. Why you might ask? Well for the probable reason that Americans just don’t care. News media networks have one goal in mind, and it’s not to bring the truth like some may say. The truth is, these are companies, and like any company, their goal is to produce profit. Don’t believe me? Well consider this, yahoo’s profit last year was about $1 billion. La times’ profit last year was around $5 billion. And it is the same trend for all major media networks. They simply want to put out what people are interested in rather than what people need to see.

As we all know, thanks to our news media, Steve jobs has recently passed. The day this “great tragedy” occurred, remember seeing Steve Jobs’ story on every news network I can possibly think of. After seeing this, I began wondering, how can they make this such a big deal when millions of other people die every day due to cancer. I find it quite sad and humorous how these are the only things our society cares about. After thinking this, I saw a picture that gave me hope. Hope that there are such individuals out there in the world that see my point of view, and also find this matter one that is quite repulsive. This was the image, seeing it, I felt like a change must be made; people must be told the truth.

Looking at that I couldn’t help but to think lowly of our society and all we care about. One of the worst cases of this subject, of the news showing insignificant stories rather than ones that need to be heard, is the story of the Kim Kardashian divorce. I highly believe this is a story that is not even worthy of being published, who cares? News stories are supposed to tell you news so you can gain from it. But what are you gaining from learning that a very appealing woman has divorced her husband after 72 days? Nothing, but yet that is all the media releases because that is all Americans care about. I guess its true what the picture states “The society we live in is really messed up.”

What can we as people who actually care about the truth do? Although the major media covers most of the news Americans receive, we still have a resource that is far more powerful than any media, the internet. We all have this resource, or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog. So go out, and explore the truth. Search up stores about world issues today; look at blogs, documentaries, and journals. They might not interest you at first, but you’ll find yourself more attached than a bee to its honeycomb. Need some help? Well here is a start, you can look at these blogs which present real truth about issues such as poverty and hunger in the world, you might lean how to save many lives. One blog site is simply called Poverty Blogs. This site will give your true factual evidence to the issues of poverty today and how we can help. Another is one about hunger called the harvest blog, this will provide you with truth about the world hunger today and we are doing about it. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be so inspired and write your own blog.

Maybe if news media networks put out stories about what happened in Egypt to the christian, than the petition I mention in “another holocaust” might of passed. Maybe if news media networks put out stories about the quickly rising issue of water diseases and shortage in struggling countries, people might have taken a couple of minutes to donate to an appropriate charity. Maybe if the media put out stories about how we can change our impact on the world, polar bears, sea turtle, and other endangered animals wouldn’t be dying today. Maybe if these “news” media stations would have put out what people need to hear, than maybe, just maybe, we can all change the world.

It’s All in the Detail

Writers deal with a number of obstacles when creating a piece of work. Whether it is an article, blog, novel, or any piece of writing, every author faces speed bumps along their road to success. Often for these writers, this obstacle is having their work considered by the audience to be “too broad”. One way to overcome this issue is to include as much details as possible. This narrows down the specifics of the work to clarify to the audience the main point of the work. One great author who has successfully done so is Anup Shah.. He is an effective author who publishs articles, amonst which are the ones locaed on the “World Issues“. This a website that presents issues as articles, with the ability to have selected readers (ones with memberships) to comment on the articles. It is actually a great website which presents many of today’s issues in an easy to comprehend manner.

One of Anup Shah’s articles relates to the current issue of aid given by prosperous countries to those countries that are less fortunate. This article goes into great detail in explaining how the amount of money that is donated is calculated, where it goes, and why it is donated. He goes on to explain that the donated amount is determined by calculating 0.7% of the donor nation’s gross annual income. To further ellucidate his points about the amount of money donated by the donnor countries, Shah provides many graphs to illustrate these amounts. Just looking at this chart below, a reader can simply understand the amount of foreign aid given tho these struggling countries in the past several years.


Anup Shah does not stop at this though, he then to go into further details that provide the reader with other facts about the aid such as how much each countries donate. According to his article “the US is often the largest donor in dollar terms, but ranks amongst the lowest in terms of meeting the stated 0.7% target.” Things such as this bring up new questions to the audience, such as then how much is the america’s total profit.

Nevertheless, many readers would often skip over a simple fact such as this. Therefore, the brilliance of Anup Shah as a writer has led him to incorporate a graph to further exclaim his point about the amount of money donated by each country. Even a simple one such as the one below can further assist the reader in comprehending the issues brought about within the article.


As one can clearly see, this is a very successful writer that does a great job In providing enough detail to narrow his subject so the audience can easily comprehend it. The way he does so is giving numerous examples that’s help the reader relate to the subject. One of the most successful parts of this article is the external hyperlinks to other websites that would provide the author with further details on the subject at hand.

He Is Gone, Now What?

When will Obama step down from office? Probably 2012, if not, then it will be in 2016. So he’ll be in office at the most for eight years, can you imagine having him for more than that? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? I cannot even imagine the chaos that would occur. I mean, he has only been in office for 3 years and nothing has improved. In 30 years, not only would there be no change, but would worsen. It would be like hes a dictator, trying to control everyone under his power. Me personally, I would not be able to follow the ideas and laws of one man for more than 10 years. I would feel suppressed, and detached to my society’s government. This is the feeling of most middle eastern citizens.

Most of the countries within the Middle East are “democracies”. Meaning, people have a say in their government. However, these countries are nothing but religion suppressed dictatorships. Sure they say people have the right to vote and chose their president, but then why would they have presidents for 30 years?

Lately we have seen some uprising events within these countries such as Egypt and Tunisia. These uprisings have been successful in getting rid of their dictators, but unfortunately it cost many lives of innocent citizens. These deaths of these innocent citizens usually lead to the resignation of the presidents out of fear of being killed. Just as Hosni Mubarak did. Too bad Muammar Gaddafi did not have the brains to do so. One might think hes insane or mentally unstable, just by looking at him and hes attire. Just take a look at him, what would be your first thoughts of him?

Maybe thats why he did not have the intelligence to resign when he should of. Unfortunately for him, his stubborness lead to his death by his own people. It was about time, after reining for 40 long tretserous years. He left the country corrupt and full of poverty. Even though, libya is a wealthy nation with its oil resevers, most of its citizens live under $2 dollars a day. Sounds much like the conditions of Egypt. Except libya had a more of a dictator ruling their country. But now thats he is gone, now what?

The president is gone, but does that mean his rein is over? many believe so, however, that is far from the truth. The government created under Gaddafi still existes. The wealth of libya will still be distributed among only the ones in control of power, just with out Gaddafi. The people of libya will still be in extreme poverty, and living in conditions similar to that of the ones with Gaddafi. So what can be done?

The people of libya must continue the uprising, the government that was created under Gaddafi’s rule must come to an end. By doing so, is the only way they can insure a democratic system where everyone has a voice in their government. Sure this might mean losing more lives, but it’s worth gaining the wealth from the 9th largest oil reseve in the world. However, just like a baby leading to walk, they need some guidance. Who is better to guide them than the most democratic nation in the world, ours.

America has provided aid for many of the struggling countries, whether financially or in developing their government. This is what needs to be done. After getting rid of the current government, we must send our experts to help them develop a stable government and industry. In doing so we can both benefit the people of libya and ourselves. We can open up paths for much more of the exports from libya.

Now that he is gone, it’s best that we step in and interven, for libya’s own good. This could take years, thats why we need to make sure in our futures we can do so. Unless we want to see the same cycle with more dicators and them ending this way. (beware, this is a graphic photograph)

Another Holocaust?

Most of us have heard of the turmoil that occurred in the Middle East in the past several decades. But do any of us know why? If I asked you all right now, I’ll probably get about 50 different answers! But what’s the truth? Most of us never see it because we live in a time and age where any media can be blocked out or altered by anyone who has power and money! Well this sounds like a lot like all the things people say about the Middle East! But now its goten to another level! We all need to learn the truth!

In this blog im gonna share with you all the truth about something thats very personal and close to me! Because its something that has to do with people of my religion from my country. I am a coptic orthodox christian, a small minority of eastern orthodox christians that are not really known by most people in this world! With about 20 million coptic orthodox christian in the world today, were considered a dying breed! But that doesn’t seem to matter to heartless, power-hungry, hateful muslim radicals in the Middle East. They just seem to just want to kill and destroy as many coptic orthodox christians as possible!

Back in Egypt, where I was born and raised as a coptic orthodox, there has been discrimination towards the coptics by the muslims for centuries! I can even recall as a child, asking my mother why we all have small crosses, like the one blow, tattooed on our wrists. I still remember her response because it was one of the saddest things I have ever heard, she told me, its so the muslims can distinguish who the Coptics are! She told me stories of how they were mistreated and abused simply because they believe in a different God than the muslims!


Now looking back at it, I find it humerous that we are no longer required to have this tattooed cross, but yet still discrimininated and abused against!

Just last sunday, one of the most devastating and heartbreaking events since the revolution back in January occurred in egypt! After having their church burnt down buy muslim radicals that were hired by the government, Coptic Christians went to the streets to peacefully protest for their protection and an end to their discrimination! However, during this peaceful protest, the Egyptian army, which is now the only government Egypt, sought to stop this protest. In doing so, they killed 24 innocent coptic protestors. They simply lied and said that the protestors were armed and threatened the lives of the soldiers! Something that is completely impossible, especially since these coptics make up most of the poor population of Egypt! The scene looked like something out of a horror movie, with tanks running over the protestors, and actually smashing one of the protestors heads! As crazy as it may seem, it’s true, just take a look at this video from last Sunday in Tihiri Square!

Now what can we, as americans living where we have the freedom of religion, do in order to insure this slaughter of innocent people is put to an end and never repeated again. We have one power that no one else in the world does, the power to be involved in our government. We all have a voice in our government, with the ability to petition and write to our leaders to do something! Our country has the ability to end all of this, but aren’t. Because were too focused on perfecting our lives, while others are just trying to live!

Every year the United states spends millions of dollars to save endangered animals. On the other hand, we send about $1.3 billion worth of military equipment to the Egyptian army! We send this as aid for the country to protect itself, but in reality, they are using this aid to kill innocent christians! Well what can we do? If the American government just simply cut off this aid until the government begins respecting the human rights of christians, we would save lives of a dying breed of humans that are rich in culture and religion!

There are already thousands of people protesting in Los Angeles, but you can help too while sitting at home. Just simply click here and you will be directed to a petition where you can sign to cut off this aid that is killing innocent lives!

The single most important thing to do however, is learn from this tragedy! We are the leaders of the future and if we are educated on how to insure this doesnt occur in Egypt or any other country, we would change the world and provide freedom for all. However, if we simply ignore this fact and go on pretending that it doesnt matter because its 7,000 miles away, we may see another holocaust occure before our eyes! Could we handle the guilt of not doing what we can to stop the death of millions of christians in the world? I know I wouldn’t!