Extending A Hand

Imagine, living off two dollars a day. I mean, I spend more than two dollars a day on my coffe; yet alone my food, my gas, and my car payments. I really can’t see how I can ever survive with only two dollars a day. On the other hand, I have seen it done. As a matter of fact I come for a world where it is done by over 35% of the population. And thats only the media released percentage (we all know how accurate that is). I fortunatly was not among this unfortunate population, but was still affected by them. Being surrounded by this was not pleasurable and certainly not fun. But thanks to my parents I was able to leave that harsh world behind and come to America to explore new worlds and opportunities. Something that many will never get the chance to.

Just because those unfortunate few do not get the same opportunities to come to this wondrous land, does not mean they should not have the opportunity to the main human rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. They are like a new born baby, unable to feed itself and requiring a mother to feed it. Well we, the people of the United States have many opportunities to help them; but over seek these opportunities to help for our own self intrest. Even though it can be as simple as writting a short blog to inform the world of these tragedies.

Why do we as Americans do this? Why can’t we just pick up a pencil and write a letter to our congress to help those in need of a strong government? or write a small check that will keep a child alive for a year? or write how we feel about these countries and share them to discover the truth?

Because we do not care! We are all (including myself) involved in our daily lives with our families, our work, our school, or our social lives. But the truth is we dont have to give up any of this, we only have to incorporate time to help those who are helpless. Thats a lesson that I learned the hard way, that we can all do our part in helping those who truely need it. After seeing gruesome pictures and videos of families in my country killed for going to church, I was touched; and inspired. Inspired to tell the world the truth, the truth that no one cares about. Because everyone only cares for themselves.

Take a good look at these children. Would you send out a check for 20 dollars to keep them alive for a year?

If no, would you if you found out they were your sisters? If yes, would you do more if you found out they are your sisters?

Well here is the truth, we all of the same family, of the same home, and of the same race. We are all members of the family under mother earth, we all dwell in the same earth, and we are all of the human race. So why is it that we care only for those in our houses but not those thousands of miles away. We are greedy!

But there is hope, many like me, are attempting to reach out to the world and inform the citizens of the world of the truth, or the horrors and the disasters. By doing so, we will educate the rulers of the future which is the only way we can help those countries in need. We can finally all be like the mother extending to her babies and feeding them. And finally give them their natural human rights of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. Just as we (Americans) have.

I began this blog to illustrate who I am, and have rambled on and on about these poor and helpless children. But this IS who I am, a man interested in these poor kids, and is seeking anyway to help them, whether it by charities, or by writing a blog about them. I am very connected to these children, and only because I feel fortunate, fortunate that I went from the sad life in Egypt, to the prosperous life America. Fortunate that I went from hell to heaven. And only wish everyone can enjoy this fortune in any way possible.

Although I left, Egypt and its poor people will always be a part of me. Now I can only wish to give them back through my effort in helping them.


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I am a new student at Chapman University. I am currently majoring in political science, but open to other opportunities that present themselves. I am interested into going into the field of law, more specifically corporate law. Also interested into going into medical. Love traveling and exploring the new areas of the world. View all posts by bishoi37

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