Immature Immature…

I recall as a child, I was always very stuborn. (I still kinda am) But like every other child, I went about my stubbornness in the wrong way. Whenever someone said something I did not like,I ignored them! Whenever someone said something that annoyed me i would give them this discusting facial expression and walk away.

so as you can imagine, I always kinda looked like this.

Well without the bow of course!

But that was my past,I have grown up and became a man. A man that deals with all the situations in the correct way (well almost all). I have changed from who I was, I no longer ignore those ideas I detest, or those thoughts that annoy me. I stand up for myself and defend myself and speak out for myself whenever I have something to express. Which is how all mature people are. Thats the difference between an adult a child, a child can handle any situation rather than run from it. I mean come one, how would the world be if when an adult was faced with an issue all they do is ignore it and made this face.

Our world would be full of immature children!

Luckily it isn’t, however, its led by some.

Recently in a United Nations conference, some of the leaders of the greatest nations in the world acted just as I did as a child. During a speech given by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Iran, the representative of the USA, France, and the UK stood up and walked out in the middle of the speech. Mahmoud was talking about how they are going into innocent countries and such to gain revenge for 9/11. Which by the way I completely disagree about, he was talking like a fool. But the way our representative reacted was even more foolish and immature. If our great leaders stayed for the entire speech they might of heard some of the reasonable thoughts that Mahmoud said besides the crap he said before. He also talked about how we are wasting millions of dollars for operations that do not need to be held. These millions of dollars can be put towards fixing this economy that is quickly tumbling downhill.

So besides his ignorant parts of his speech about revenge for 9/11 and killing Osama Ben Ladin, Mahmoud had some reasonable ideas that should be taken into account in our crazy and corrupted economy. I mean think about it,how much money have we spent on wars that we can use to help our economy. Don’t know how much it is? Check it out.

Well now you see how much, think about how many were left homeless and starving due to our economical issues. If you don’t care about other countries, then you should at least care about yours. The wars are corrupting it both mentally and financially.

We can’t change our immature leaders, but we can make sure they show up as our leaders again. And we can make sure that we will never be the same leaders as them in our futures. We live in a grownup society, so lets act like grownups.


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I am a new student at Chapman University. I am currently majoring in political science, but open to other opportunities that present themselves. I am interested into going into the field of law, more specifically corporate law. Also interested into going into medical. Love traveling and exploring the new areas of the world. View all posts by bishoi37

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