Started With Pleasure, and Ended With 7 Billion…

We are all human, and the truth is humans like sex. It’s an endless appetite in our human nature. We all desire it and we all cant get enough of it. Especially live within a society that must include sex as part of every day activities. We even create movies about sex.

There nothing wrong with that, nothing wrong with us being a sex driven society. But that’s because we are educated, and able to use contraceptives that would diminish the probability of having a child.

But how about other countries? countries like India, Haiti, Nigeria, and other African countries..

These are counties where the women and men are uneducated, and live only to reproduce to survive. But the fat of the matter is, this reproduction is not whats hindering them but rather over reproduction. These are all humans like us, with sexual organs and sexual desires just like us. What can they do? Stop sex? Of course not, but due to their lack of education and contraceptives their sexual desires often lead to a child that they can not support and it hinders the family as a whole. Many of these families simply have the numerous amount of children because they know not all will survive and need children to take care of their family in there elderly years. But doing so only adds to the competition for survival within a family in these poor countries. To add to the dangers that these families face by having a child, most women that do not want to bear a child look to the alternative of abortion. And due to the poverty within these counties, abortions are often practiced in the allies of the streets with unsterile utensils and untrained physicians. Doing this most often leads to the illness of the mothers and eventually their deaths.

Can you imagine being in a family like this one?

I sure can’t, I can’t even stand the thought of kids competing with their siblings to survive.

But if you are one of those heartless people who say who cares that’s far away from us it wont affect us. Think about this: our planet currently has 6,965,444,793 inhabitants. And this number is rising at the rate of 490,000 babies a day. Can you imagine that? Well if you can’t let me tell you some of the issues that may arise with this issue of overpopulation, there is more of a competition for essentials in this world, there would also be major diseases going around. And to add to all of that, more populations means more pollutions which eventually affects us in our daily lives wherever we live. So if you think overpopulation in other countries wont affect you, think again, we are all citizens of one family, we are all members of earth.

If your interested in seeing the populations of today please visit:

Well people say we can’t do anything about other countries not being educated about sex. Wrong! Here are some actions we can all take in order to make sure we control this out of control issue.

  • Donate to charities that help struggling countries with planned parenthood.
  • Inform other members of our society about the dangers arising from this issue.
  • Send aid to organizations that provide contraceptives to people in other countries.
  • And we can always research on our own about this growing issue. By visiting sites like
Remember we don’t live on this planet alone there will other that will need our help, and if we don’t do what we can, then we’ll only be hurting ourselves. Next time we take our contraceptives for granted, think of how many families are dying for something like that. We can all lend a helping hand, but all it takes is some motivation, and if the thought of having 7 billion people inhabit the planet doesn’t motivate you to help, I don’t know what will.

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