Dripping Lives

What is the single most essential need for our survival?

Many might say food, shelter, etc.

But truth is, it is something that we as most americans take for granted every day. Something that we use so much of, that it is involved in everything we do!

If you havent figured it out, it’s water!

We use water in hygiene, cleaning, drinking, our cloths, our cars, our houses, well basically in everything!

We look at how much water is around us, its amazing how much we use and how we take it for granted! An average family of four uses about 400 gallons of water a day! Wow, and the funny thing is most of this water goes to waste. We always waste water and take it for granted because it is basically free for us americans due to the subsidy on water. But what bout other countries? What about countries with limited amount of resources, especially water? Counties that have citizens basically spending have their days working for water just to stay alive. The sad part is they pay 5 to 10 times more than a rich person might pay for water. Can we ever survive if we lived like this?

Don’t really care yet? well consider some of these facts!

  • An estimated 2.4 billion people lack adequate sanitation and 1.1 billion people are without access to safe water.
  • 3.575 million people die each year from water-related disease.
  • An American taking a five-minute shower uses more water than a typical person in a developing country slum uses in a whole day.
  •  90 percent of wastewater in developing countries is discharged into rivers and streams without any treatment
  • In the past ten years, diarrhea related to unsanitary water has killed more children than all the people lost to armed conflict since WWII.
  •  Homeowners in Washington, DC, pay about $350 a year worth amount of water. Buying that same amount of water from a vendor in Guatemala City would cost more than $1,700.
Now imagine being a citizen of one of these citizens. How would you feel? You would probably see this as unfair! Which it is! I mean does that make sense? desperately poor people paying more for an essential than a rich person might? Of course not!

Now people say “we can’t do anything they live thousands of miles away”. Well that’s a myth! We can all take our part in helping this crisis! And mainly by changing our lifestyles and attitude towards water!

Here are some facts about our daily uses and how it can help to change it:
  •  Older toilets use between 3.5 and 7 gallons of water per flush. However, WaterSense labeled toilets require 75 to 80 percent less water.
  •  leaky toilet can waste about 200 gallons of water every day.
  • A bathroom faucet generally runs at 2 gallons of water per minute. By turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving, a person can save more than 200 gallons of water per month.
  • High-efficiency washing machines can conserve large amounts of water. Older machines use about 27 to 54 gallons of water per load, but the new high-efficiency machines uses less than 27 gallons per load.
  • Washing the dishes with an open tap can use up to 20 gallons of water, but filling the sink or a bowl and closing the tap saves 10 of those gallons.
  • Keeping a pitcher of water in the refrigerator saves time and water instead of running the tap until it gets cold.
Wow, that’s a lot of water conserved! Now imagine how many children and starving humans can benefit from these savings. By doing these things, you’ll each probably save about 20 lives!
If your more interested in seeing how much water you personally waste and use daily you can click here and follow the instructions and will see exactly how much you use a day.

But the problem is saving lives is still not enough motivation for us. Well maybe higher prices for water might. But our government doesn’t care for how many lives they might save, they only look in the self interest of its people. Well maybe that’s just too selfish for leaders. Well hopefully, we , the leaders of the future, can take a stand and change the ways of our living for the greater benefit of saving many lives!


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