Another Holocaust?

Most of us have heard of the turmoil that occurred in the Middle East in the past several decades. But do any of us know why? If I asked you all right now, I’ll probably get about 50 different answers! But what’s the truth? Most of us never see it because we live in a time and age where any media can be blocked out or altered by anyone who has power and money! Well this sounds like a lot like all the things people say about the Middle East! But now its goten to another level! We all need to learn the truth!

In this blog im gonna share with you all the truth about something thats very personal and close to me! Because its something that has to do with people of my religion from my country. I am a coptic orthodox christian, a small minority of eastern orthodox christians that are not really known by most people in this world! With about 20 million coptic orthodox christian in the world today, were considered a dying breed! But that doesn’t seem to matter to heartless, power-hungry, hateful muslim radicals in the Middle East. They just seem to just want to kill and destroy as many coptic orthodox christians as possible!

Back in Egypt, where I was born and raised as a coptic orthodox, there has been discrimination towards the coptics by the muslims for centuries! I can even recall as a child, asking my mother why we all have small crosses, like the one blow, tattooed on our wrists. I still remember her response because it was one of the saddest things I have ever heard, she told me, its so the muslims can distinguish who the Coptics are! She told me stories of how they were mistreated and abused simply because they believe in a different God than the muslims!


Now looking back at it, I find it humerous that we are no longer required to have this tattooed cross, but yet still discrimininated and abused against!

Just last sunday, one of the most devastating and heartbreaking events since the revolution back in January occurred in egypt! After having their church burnt down buy muslim radicals that were hired by the government, Coptic Christians went to the streets to peacefully protest for their protection and an end to their discrimination! However, during this peaceful protest, the Egyptian army, which is now the only government Egypt, sought to stop this protest. In doing so, they killed 24 innocent coptic protestors. They simply lied and said that the protestors were armed and threatened the lives of the soldiers! Something that is completely impossible, especially since these coptics make up most of the poor population of Egypt! The scene looked like something out of a horror movie, with tanks running over the protestors, and actually smashing one of the protestors heads! As crazy as it may seem, it’s true, just take a look at this video from last Sunday in Tihiri Square!

Now what can we, as americans living where we have the freedom of religion, do in order to insure this slaughter of innocent people is put to an end and never repeated again. We have one power that no one else in the world does, the power to be involved in our government. We all have a voice in our government, with the ability to petition and write to our leaders to do something! Our country has the ability to end all of this, but aren’t. Because were too focused on perfecting our lives, while others are just trying to live!

Every year the United states spends millions of dollars to save endangered animals. On the other hand, we send about $1.3 billion worth of military equipment to the Egyptian army! We send this as aid for the country to protect itself, but in reality, they are using this aid to kill innocent christians! Well what can we do? If the American government just simply cut off this aid until the government begins respecting the human rights of christians, we would save lives of a dying breed of humans that are rich in culture and religion!

There are already thousands of people protesting in Los Angeles, but you can help too while sitting at home. Just simply click here and you will be directed to a petition where you can sign to cut off this aid that is killing innocent lives!

The single most important thing to do however, is learn from this tragedy! We are the leaders of the future and if we are educated on how to insure this doesnt occur in Egypt or any other country, we would change the world and provide freedom for all. However, if we simply ignore this fact and go on pretending that it doesnt matter because its 7,000 miles away, we may see another holocaust occure before our eyes! Could we handle the guilt of not doing what we can to stop the death of millions of christians in the world? I know I wouldn’t!


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