He Is Gone, Now What?

When will Obama step down from office? Probably 2012, if not, then it will be in 2016. So he’ll be in office at the most for eight years, can you imagine having him for more than that? 10 years? 20 years? 30 years? I cannot even imagine the chaos that would occur. I mean, he has only been in office for 3 years and nothing has improved. In 30 years, not only would there be no change, but would worsen. It would be like hes a dictator, trying to control everyone under his power. Me personally, I would not be able to follow the ideas and laws of one man for more than 10 years. I would feel suppressed, and detached to my society’s government. This is the feeling of most middle eastern citizens.

Most of the countries within the Middle East are “democracies”. Meaning, people have a say in their government. However, these countries are nothing but religion suppressed dictatorships. Sure they say people have the right to vote and chose their president, but then why would they have presidents for 30 years?

Lately we have seen some uprising events within these countries such as Egypt and Tunisia. These uprisings have been successful in getting rid of their dictators, but unfortunately it cost many lives of innocent citizens. These deaths of these innocent citizens usually lead to the resignation of the presidents out of fear of being killed. Just as Hosni Mubarak did. Too bad Muammar Gaddafi did not have the brains to do so. One might think hes insane or mentally unstable, just by looking at him and hes attire. Just take a look at him, what would be your first thoughts of him?

Maybe thats why he did not have the intelligence to resign when he should of. Unfortunately for him, his stubborness lead to his death by his own people. It was about time, after reining for 40 long tretserous years. He left the country corrupt and full of poverty. Even though, libya is a wealthy nation with its oil resevers, most of its citizens live under $2 dollars a day. Sounds much like the conditions of Egypt. Except libya had a more of a dictator ruling their country. But now thats he is gone, now what?

The president is gone, but does that mean his rein is over? many believe so, however, that is far from the truth. The government created under Gaddafi still existes. The wealth of libya will still be distributed among only the ones in control of power, just with out Gaddafi. The people of libya will still be in extreme poverty, and living in conditions similar to that of the ones with Gaddafi. So what can be done?

The people of libya must continue the uprising, the government that was created under Gaddafi’s rule must come to an end. By doing so, is the only way they can insure a democratic system where everyone has a voice in their government. Sure this might mean losing more lives, but it’s worth gaining the wealth from the 9th largest oil reseve in the world. However, just like a baby leading to walk, they need some guidance. Who is better to guide them than the most democratic nation in the world, ours.

America has provided aid for many of the struggling countries, whether financially or in developing their government. This is what needs to be done. After getting rid of the current government, we must send our experts to help them develop a stable government and industry. In doing so we can both benefit the people of libya and ourselves. We can open up paths for much more of the exports from libya.

Now that he is gone, it’s best that we step in and interven, for libya’s own good. This could take years, thats why we need to make sure in our futures we can do so. Unless we want to see the same cycle with more dicators and them ending this way. (beware, this is a graphic photograph)


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