It’s All in the Detail

Writers deal with a number of obstacles when creating a piece of work. Whether it is an article, blog, novel, or any piece of writing, every author faces speed bumps along their road to success. Often for these writers, this obstacle is having their work considered by the audience to be “too broad”. One way to overcome this issue is to include as much details as possible. This narrows down the specifics of the work to clarify to the audience the main point of the work. One great author who has successfully done so is Anup Shah.. He is an effective author who publishs articles, amonst which are the ones locaed on the “World Issues“. This a website that presents issues as articles, with the ability to have selected readers (ones with memberships) to comment on the articles. It is actually a great website which presents many of today’s issues in an easy to comprehend manner.

One of Anup Shah’s articles relates to the current issue of aid given by prosperous countries to those countries that are less fortunate. This article goes into great detail in explaining how the amount of money that is donated is calculated, where it goes, and why it is donated. He goes on to explain that the donated amount is determined by calculating 0.7% of the donor nation’s gross annual income. To further ellucidate his points about the amount of money donated by the donnor countries, Shah provides many graphs to illustrate these amounts. Just looking at this chart below, a reader can simply understand the amount of foreign aid given tho these struggling countries in the past several years.


Anup Shah does not stop at this though, he then to go into further details that provide the reader with other facts about the aid such as how much each countries donate. According to his article “the US is often the largest donor in dollar terms, but ranks amongst the lowest in terms of meeting the stated 0.7% target.” Things such as this bring up new questions to the audience, such as then how much is the america’s total profit.

Nevertheless, many readers would often skip over a simple fact such as this. Therefore, the brilliance of Anup Shah as a writer has led him to incorporate a graph to further exclaim his point about the amount of money donated by each country. Even a simple one such as the one below can further assist the reader in comprehending the issues brought about within the article.


As one can clearly see, this is a very successful writer that does a great job In providing enough detail to narrow his subject so the audience can easily comprehend it. The way he does so is giving numerous examples that’s help the reader relate to the subject. One of the most successful parts of this article is the external hyperlinks to other websites that would provide the author with further details on the subject at hand.


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