Our Shallow Society

We all live in a, what I like to call, a “deceived” society. Our society here in America has one main source for all the current events in the world. This source being one that only reveals what they as a mass culture care about. This has a grave effect on the way we, as a society, perceive the world we live in. It is quite sad that all our news resources only care about things about our mass pop culture, but yet don’t really care about real news outside our bubble, that we call the united states.

About two weeks ago, I posted a blog called “The Second Holocaust“. This was a blog related to the murder of christians in Egypt by the Egyptian army for practicing their natural right to protest. Ever since, every time I see a news story that is completely pointless on the web, I fall into a deeper sorrow thinking about what our society cares about. Every day I go to check my email and then see the “top news” on yahoo’s front page. Last week, there was a news post about a father and daughter dance together that the editors at the yahoo news must have thought was funny and important to put on the internet. This video was front news on yahoo, abc, and on television; I find that quite repulsive that a joking video like such is so important that it must have much money and time spent on it. If you have not seen the video, here it is.

Watching this you might thing it’s funny, but think about this. What is more important for our American news media to display as top news for Americans to see? A video and a story about a father and daughter dancing at a wedding? or the truth about issues happening in the world today?

There are plenty of authentic stories in the world today that deserve the views of Americans, but is never revealed. Why you might ask? Well for the probable reason that Americans just don’t care. News media networks have one goal in mind, and it’s not to bring the truth like some may say. The truth is, these are companies, and like any company, their goal is to produce profit. Don’t believe me? Well consider this, yahoo’s profit last year was about $1 billion. La times’ profit last year was around $5 billion. And it is the same trend for all major media networks. They simply want to put out what people are interested in rather than what people need to see.

As we all know, thanks to our news media, Steve jobs has recently passed. The day this “great tragedy” occurred, remember seeing Steve Jobs’ story on every news network I can possibly think of. After seeing this, I began wondering, how can they make this such a big deal when millions of other people die every day due to cancer. I find it quite sad and humorous how these are the only things our society cares about. After thinking this, I saw a picture that gave me hope. Hope that there are such individuals out there in the world that see my point of view, and also find this matter one that is quite repulsive. This was the image, seeing it, I felt like a change must be made; people must be told the truth.

Looking at that I couldn’t help but to think lowly of our society and all we care about. One of the worst cases of this subject, of the news showing insignificant stories rather than ones that need to be heard, is the story of the Kim Kardashian divorce. I highly believe this is a story that is not even worthy of being published, who cares? News stories are supposed to tell you news so you can gain from it. But what are you gaining from learning that a very appealing woman has divorced her husband after 72 days? Nothing, but yet that is all the media releases because that is all Americans care about. I guess its true what the picture states “The society we live in is really messed up.”

What can we as people who actually care about the truth do? Although the major media covers most of the news Americans receive, we still have a resource that is far more powerful than any media, the internet. We all have this resource, or else you wouldn’t be reading this blog. So go out, and explore the truth. Search up stores about world issues today; look at blogs, documentaries, and journals. They might not interest you at first, but you’ll find yourself more attached than a bee to its honeycomb. Need some help? Well here is a start, you can look at these blogs which present real truth about issues such as poverty and hunger in the world, you might lean how to save many lives. One blog site is simply called Poverty Blogs. This site will give your true factual evidence to the issues of poverty today and how we can help. Another is one about hunger called the harvest blog, this will provide you with truth about the world hunger today and we are doing about it. And who knows, maybe one day you’ll be so inspired and write your own blog.

Maybe if news media networks put out stories about what happened in Egypt to the christian, than the petition I mention in “another holocaust” might of passed. Maybe if news media networks put out stories about the quickly rising issue of water diseases and shortage in struggling countries, people might have taken a couple of minutes to donate to an appropriate charity. Maybe if the media put out stories about how we can change our impact on the world, polar bears, sea turtle, and other endangered animals wouldn’t be dying today. Maybe if these “news” media stations would have put out what people need to hear, than maybe, just maybe, we can all change the world.


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I am a new student at Chapman University. I am currently majoring in political science, but open to other opportunities that present themselves. I am interested into going into the field of law, more specifically corporate law. Also interested into going into medical. Love traveling and exploring the new areas of the world. View all posts by bishoi37

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