We Take it for Granted while they Fight for it

What is the one think none of us that grew up in the united states will never forget?

This is something that can vary amongst all of us, but for me, as well as most americans, it’s going to school everyday of out lives to the point we wanted to drop out.

Now looking back after 12 years of schooling, I realize that it was probably the most important time of my life. How ironic, that what I thought was the most useless time of my life turned out to be the most important. Unfortunately, i’m not the only one. According to statistics, about 95% of students when asked, say they do not like school. That’s a not surprising number in my opinion, education is something we as Americans take for granted! This is predictable, just by looking at the picture of our students in class rooms today like this one.

The sad thing is, like water, this is on of our inexpensive resources that we take completely for granted; just like water. Our education here in the united states is free, at least up to 12th grade. Unless of couse, you want your cild to attend a “high-end” private school!

On other ends of the world however, children are dying just for fighting for their right to be educated. Allover the world, even developed countries like Chile. Chille is not facing a major issue with this education crisis. Currently, many educators, parent, and students are taking to the streets to demonstrate their passion for freedom of education within the country. However, although these innocent citizens are only protesting to bring education to their children, they were abused and harassed by the Chilean army. The army, with water hoses, and tear gas sought to demolish the presence of the protesters. This is a violation of both human’s natural rights of peaceful assembly and education.

Who can we blame for this? Of course we may blame the Chilean army and government; however, who’s supplying them with these weapons? Our millions of dollars in financial aid of course! Meaning, our government is the underlying cause of the immoral abuse against these peaceful protesters. All who are only fighting just to improve their education from conditions like this.

And only to further expand their schooling system to educate more of the  uneducated. Just like any other countries receiving financial aid from the United States, Chile has an un-even distribution of the aid being received. However, if our us tax dollars were sent to provide better schools better than fighting protesters. This is however within our power, still not convinced of the horrible events going on in chille take a look at this photo album. When you have all realized the horrible actions our tax dollars are causing, maybe we can all look to make a change. Maybe some day, with the right education, we can send money to educate children than to kill them. Maybe our children will one day, realize that what they have, is another kid’s dream!













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