Make the Right Decision

With the 2012 presidential election quickly approaching, we as voters must fulfill our duties by educating ourselves about the policies and matters that each candidate would tackle. If we do as most of do, and just vote for the most popular candidate within our party, we will end up with presidents that will fail us like many have before. Which is not entirely their fault, its also the fault of the many americans that knowingly vote without entirely understanding what the candidate is all about or their personality. Lets take our current president for example, Barrack Obama. Back in 2008, Obama’s campaign motos, as we all know, were “Change” or “yes we can”. Everywhere I looked, I saw signs like these…


However, in my opinion, we as americans were all fooled. We were so overtaken by the idea of having a dark skinned president. We believed this was a change and thus made us believe in his slogan that along with this new change in presidency, he will bring change. Now its almost the end of his term, and it is time to look back at reflect. What has Barrack Obama changed in the united states. He has done very few of what he had promised to do. One of the main issues he said he would takel was jobs for americans. In his words, he said he would “put America back to work.” However, looking at the statistics, the unemployment rate in America has only declined from 9% to 8.4%. In my eyes, Obama has done very few to help our economy. He passed his health care reform, which will benefit very few of us, he killed Osama Bin Laden, and he gave bailouts to the richest of our countries. Is this the change we expected? Of course not, but we can’t blame it on him, we are the ones to blame fore being so blinding by this amazing idea of having a different kind of president. Now, instead of those signs at this campaign, this is all I see…


In my opinion, the one thing that president Obama could have had an enormous change in was our foreign policy. Seeing how president Obama is from a foreign country, I would of thought he would do more to help other struggling countries, but he must of been too busy. During his presidency there were a total of three major uprising in which Obama and his team of experts about foreign policy could have stepped in to insure these countries have a stable government following these uprisings. But he didn’t now look where that has left these countries, in turmoil and corruption due to a lack of order in the countries.

But now its time for a real change. With the new elections coming up, we can hopefully count on a new president to do all that we would have expected. But this change isn’t gonna come about by us choosing the most popular candidate, it will come by Americans making the right decisions. To do so, we as Americans must educate ourselves to insure knowing who where choosing. Let me give you a head start, take a look at this website. It will educate you about where these candidates stand on the issue of foreign affairs and policies. Hopefully, you will all extend your research and eventually choose the right person for the job. A person that will not only help us, but make us once more a prosperous country.


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I am a new student at Chapman University. I am currently majoring in political science, but open to other opportunities that present themselves. I am interested into going into the field of law, more specifically corporate law. Also interested into going into medical. Love traveling and exploring the new areas of the world. View all posts by bishoi37

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