About Me

I am Bishoi Nassef, a immigrant to the united states from the magnificent country of Egypt. Growing up in an area that is full of poverty, made me grateful to move to the united states. Ever since, I have been fascinated by Government control and power. I am constantly seeking the truth about how governments work and how they dont. I have an open spirit that will express the truth through my blogs and search for the truth expressed by others in their blogs. Hoping to acquire and share thoughts about how we can further improve our government for the better of our society. I am currently an undergraduate student at Chapman University majoring in Political Science. My hopes for my future are becoming a lawyer to have be in a position to learn from and add to the great aspects of our government. Leading to my ultimate goal of reaching out to help my country develop a working government with which it can be sustainable, and develop an industry which can increase the prosperity within the country. Thank you for your intrest in this blog, please leave any comments or questions that might intrest you. If you wish to personally reach me, you may e-mail me at bnassef@gmail.com.


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